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Our Services Include:

AST specializes in deformation monitoring surveys for various types of facilities including building structures, dams, and tunnels, as well as monitoring the subsidence of land.


Implementation of Deformation Monitoring Programs:

Prior to implementation of a monitoring survey, a design (pre-analysis) of the survey should be performed. This is used to assess the process that should be followed in order to meet the client's specifications and needs, and to fit the survey to the type of facility and site conditions.  Another factor that will affect implementation is whether or not the project has been monitored previously by someone other than AST.  A monitoring program conducted by AST will normally include the following steps:

1. Calibration of  monitoring grade surveying equipment

2. Recovery or establishment of geodetic datum control points

3. Recovery of existing reference points or creation of new reference points

4. Recovery of previously installed monitoring points or installation of new points

5. Performance of the pertinent observations needed to position each monitoring point

6. Reduction of observation data & resultant position, deformation values, and statistics

7. Preparation of deformation monitoring report